Starter Site Toolkit: An Easy $497 Per Day Business Plan

Starter Site Toolkit: An Easy $497 Per Day Business PlanClick Image To Visit SiteIf you build and sell only one site per day, that’s up to $14 910 per month! this method is a great work as much as you want, from anywhere business. The short answer is you get paid for the work you’re willing to put into it.

You can dedicate as much or as little time to this business as you wish. Considering it’s a method you can work on anywhere at any time from your notebook, you have a lot of freedom.

You can easily take the money you’ve earned from selling small websites and invest that into larger projects and websites to flip using the methods we show here.

There are thousands of entrepreneurs and investors out there willing to buy turn-key businesses and avoid the time and effort and most importantly the cost of having them built from scratch.

Sites like these can be sold/”flipped” for quickly $497 or even up to $697+ with more work. We’ll show you how to not only build the websites themselves but how to package them with properly researched products, business automation plugins, pre-built social media pages and how to quickly gain followers to package them with your sale.

We’ll even give you our pre-written high converting listing templates for sites like Flippa, Craigslist, EmpireFlippers, etc. Starter Site Toolkit will guide you every step of the way from a complete newbie, to properly fulfilling your first sale. The course is short enough to complete in one night but detailed enough to learn every step of the process.

In Module #1 you’ll learn how to quickly and properly research niches to build websites around and how to find best selling drop-shipping products to add to them.

In Module #2 we… Read more…

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