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Shoulder Flexibility Solution - Precision MovementClick Image To Visit SiteHey, Eric Wong here, strength and conditioning coach to professional combat athletes and coach to thousands via my online programs since 2008. Wow, I’ve been doing this online coaching thing for a while now but I guess time flies when you’re having fun!

And in that time, I’ve continued to study and learn, not just about training and performance, but also how best to create programs to ensure effective implementation and adherence.

In fact, that’s been kind of a trademark for me – making the complex simple and the abstract tangible, so that when you get one of my programs, there’s no question as to what to do – you simply follow the clear and concise directions and voila, you get the results promised.

I’ve also learned to LISTEN. Not just because my wife is always bugging me to, but because I finally realized that it made sense to give my clients exactly what they want and need as opposed to coming up with what I think they want or need.

And one of the problems my clients kept asking me to address was tight shoulders and all of the associated issues, which include:

And more dysfunctional and annoying problems where tight shoulders are often the root cause… Now, before I reveal the step-by-step SYSTEM that will unlock your tight shoulders, we’ve got to discuss a very important fact that a lot of people get wrong about how to fix tight shoulders, which is that…

Typical Static Stretching Is By Far The LEAST Effective Method For Improving Your Flexibility LONG-TERM

The reason why is that tight muscles often aren’t the problem they’re the symptom. Static stretching is another product of the conventional thinking that the entire medical system is based… Read more…

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