Fireworks & Pyro Projects eBook – Over 120 Projects

Fireworks & Pyro Projects eBook - Over 120 ProjectsClick Image To Visit Site"I also like that it’s written simply and clearly. I’ve got a couple of other pyro books, and they wander off out into the weeds on the technical aspects that I don’t yet understand. That’s made it difficult for me to really get started… I can get my feet wet and learn the basics without being bogged down."

"I like it’s being on my computer. It’ll never get dog eared or coffee stained." "I’m in the computer industry, so I really appriciate being able to always have my book with me on a thumbdrive."

"Everything is explained in wonderful detail. You can be confident that any project you do will be successful if you can follow directions. The videos are awesome and lead you through all the steps you need."

"The great attention to detail in the text is actually more than I expected. So many text books assume you already know the basics and the jargon." Read more…

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