Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint

Complete Shoulder & Hip BlueprintClick Image To Visit SiteTony Gentilcore, CSCS, is one of the co-founders of Cressey Sports Performance and now coaches in Boston, MA. During his time at CSP he worked with thousands of baseball players from every level focusing on detailed assessment protocols to address common shoulder dysfunctions and injuries within that demographic. In addition, Tony has extensive experience working with non-athletes and many of the common shoulder issues they run into from years of wear and tear in the gym.

Dean Somerset is an Exercise Physiologist who specializes in injury post-rehabilitation, and has worked with professional and Olympic athletes, post-surgical recovery, congenital disorders, and cardiac recovery patients, as well as those looking to just move and feel better for day to day activities. He’s developed a reputation as a leading authority on training, mobility, and strength training.

This workshop takes viewers through the complete systems used by both of us to improve upper body and lower body function, strength, endurance, and resiliency.

We show you how to connect the dots between a thorough assessment, understanding what corrective strategies (if any) will work best, and how to build a training program to help you and your clients in the most direct way possible.

Video 1 – Shoulder assessment considerations, differences between overhead athletes and “Average Joes”

Video 3 – Breaking down poor movement control, motion and shoulder health risk factors to avoid, and shoulder stabilization options

Video 5 – hands on shoulder training: prone trap raise, chin up progression, scapular motion, breathing drills to help shoulder movement.

Video 6 – Hip anatomy and individual differences: how much hip anatomy can be different, even between sides, and what this means to your training program. Passive assessments.

Video 7 – stratifying hip mobility and goals for training programs based on positional differences and available range of motion… Read more…

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