Compare the Tipster

Compare the TipsterClick Image To Visit SiteAnd making thousands of pounds daily is as easy as making a cup of tea – And you can have your bets placed before the kettle’s boiled!

That’s because ALL of the hardwork is done at our end. Once our daily selections have been verified and confirmed by our three-tier system, they’re sent straight to your email inbox so you can place your bets right away!

We receive daily selections from hundreds of professional tipsters before their subscribers do. That gives us time to analyse and verify selections though our calculated system in time for the day’s races.

From there you’ll be making a minimum of £1,500 every single week from just a few minutes betting each day!

There is no easier way to make so much money so quickly and so easily. Most of our current members were completely new to betting when they first joined but they picked it up in minutes. You can place your bets online with any online bookies (e.g. William Hill, Bet365, Betway, 888sport, Betfair, etc) so you can make money without leaving your house!

Let me explain a little bit about how our three-tier comparison system works and how it came into existence…

My name is John Dawson and together with my business partner Richard Green, we created the unique three-tier system four years ago and launched one year later. To share a little about our background, Richard and I have actually been colleagues for more than eight years, beginning when I worked as an editor for a large UK tabloid. Richard worked in the IT department and was there on my first day. He helped me to log on to the company system and set up my staff email account. My roll at… Read more…

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