Brain Training For Dogs – By Adrienne Farricelli — Brain Training for Dogs

Brain Training For Dogs - By Adrienne Farricelli — Brain Training for DogsClick Image To Visit SiteWhile many dog owners make the mistake of focusing strictly on physical training, even spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars hiring trainers and buying training programs, the one thing they tend to completely ignore is the importance of training their dog’s MIND.

But the more an owner can first work on improving the intelligence and thinking skills of their dog, the more quickly and effectively they can not only train their dog, but the sooner they can improve his behavior too.

Just imagine how different your life would be if your dog understood and obeyed your every command, without the need for shouting or force!

My work has been featured in USA Today and Everydog Magazine, and I’m a regular contributor on eHow and AllExperts where I offer guidance and assistance to struggling dog owners around the world.

Through my time spent training all of these amazing dogs, I began to notice that the most intelligent dogs are easier to train, better behaved, and more obedient than their slower counterparts.

“The smarter your dog is, the EASIER it is for him to understand, learn, and take action upon whatever you’re asking him to do!”

I realized, as a professional dog trainer, that if I could improve a dog’s intelligence and thinking skills, it would make training and obedience much easier. And besides this, “brain training” can vastly improve a dog’s happiness, health and longetivity too!

In fact, with the right brain training, you can enjoy all sorts of wonderful changes in your dog including…

So what’s the quickest way to boost your dog’s intelligence so he can experience these amazing benefits?

That’s why, with the help of my wonder dog Einstein, I have created 21 truly exciting and brain-boosting brain games for dogs. These games… Read more…

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