Body Groove

Body GrooveClick Image To Visit SiteI saw an ad on Facebook for the Body Groove exercise program by Misty Tripoli. I like dance workouts, and this one intrigued me, because it had great reviews, many of which said that they had never done a workout like this. I figured I’d give it a try. It came the other day, and I did the first workout on the DVD today. It was made up of 7 segments for a total of about 40 minutes. I do agree it’s very different, fun and had me sweating like crazy. I’m so glad I got it. Can’t wait to try workout #2. Might even do it this evening! Thanks for making it fun and affordable!

I love the music and just watched the streaming video. Amazing. I found myself moving to the music and wanting to start dancing just from the introduction. I also found myself excited to start working out again. I’ve done half marathons, 5k’s and multiple workouts from Buns of Steel to Billy Blanks. I have to admit I’ve used extensive overtime I work as an excuse to not workout. Yet with the downloading of the workouts I can bust a move anywhere work sends me.

I saw this ad on Facebook and I ordered the first DVD I am addicted ! Misty is awesome and so is the DVD!Very easy and fun to do!

These exercises are so very simply, brief enough not to get overwhelmed and diverse enough not to get bored! They can also be done by anyone regardless of their health and ability because you control how you move your body. Yo don’t have to look like anyone else or do it like anyone else. Hey, and here’s a plus – if you’ve never been a dancer or thought you couldn’t dance, this… Read more…

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