7 Minute Mindfulness – Fast, Easy, Mindfulness Exercises

7 Minute Mindfulness - Fast, Easy, Mindfulness ExercisesClick Image To Visit SiteThis is the difference between Meditation and Mindfulness… Meditation is just one Mindfulness method. Mindfulness can be working for you all the time… Essentially on autopilot!

Dan was struggling with stress, anxiety, and always feeling tired. For years he had felt constantly overworked and under-appreciated. He tried the system, and here’s what he messaged me two hours later: "WOW! As soon as I started listening to the Bodyscan track, I immediately felt my stress and anxiety leave my body, which was replaced by a refreshing positive energy I haven’t felt for years!" — Dan from Australia

"The Bubble of Calm Technique" Use this one minute exercise any time of the day to dismiss anxious thoughts and inject calm and confidence into your mind. Watch in amazement as you gain control of your thoughts and emotions… like a cowboy taming a wild and out of control horse. You’ll be amazed at how you can turn overwhelm into awesomeness.

If you suffer from any kind of physical pain then you are going to love the "Deep Muscle Massage Technique" This is deep relaxation for your tired muscles and joints, but you use your mind to do it. Prepare to feel a lightness in your limbs as your muscles relax and unravel like a rope being freed from its knots. (This is the exact method I discovered many years ago to heal the pain of my broken body.)

Kickstart your day with the "Calm Mind Mist" technique! This shower-time ritual will set you up for a day where everything goes your way… your colleagues will watch you with envious admiration and strangers will smile at you on the street because of the bounce in your step, radiant smile on your face and the twinkle in your eye… (people will actually notice… it’s… Read more…

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